Legal status and Sector: Renewable Energy, and study its potential applications.


Name: Said MOULINE
Title: Directeur Général de l'ADEREE (former CDER), MAROC.
Address: ADEREE, Rue the Machaar El Haram - Issil BP 509 Gueliz Marrakech - Maroc.
Country: Maroc
Phone: 212 5 24 30 98 22 / 14

Responsible contact person or project:

Name: Mustapha ENZILI
Position: Ingénieur en Chef - Chef de la Division des Ressources, filières et Ingénierie, (ADEREE), MAROC.
Address: ADEREE, Rue The Machaar El Haram - Issil BP 509 Gueliz Marrakech.
Country: Morocco
Phone: 212 5 24 33 01 15

Participation in the project INTERMACAN:

The ADEREE has extensive experience in the field of renewable energies in Morocco and their involvement in this project is important:

Provide information to project renewable energy resources.
Assist in conducting studies of renewable energy potential.