INTERMACAN PROJECT TECHNICAL SUMMARY. A Study of Electrical Interconnection Infrastructure to Maximize Renewable Energies: Morocco – Canary Islands




Resultados de la Conferencia Internacional sobre Energías Renovables en África Occidental y las Islas Canarias





Electrical System Management with High RES Penetration: General technical aspects (Balance Generation - Demand, voltage levels and ancillary services) are treated, characteristics of renewable generation, technical requirements for renewable generation on the system performances for Greater Penetration Renewable and analysis of Electrical Power Systems - a Practical ITC case: Analysis grid Tenerife - La Gomera 2020.


INTERMACAN project: Presentation consisting of two parts: Basic information of the project, general and specific purpose, and installable potential renewable energy balances, outreach and training activities. Part 2: Current and future state of canaries and northwestern electrical systems, modeling and analysis of electrical systems and canaries northwestern Africa, economic viability analysis of the links proposed in the draft conclusions and Africa.



• Strengthening cooperation between Moroccan and Canary institutions.

• Improved energy infrastructure.

• Solutions to promote the use of renewable energies.