This project is within the scope of institutional cooperation between the Canaries and the Kingdom of Morocco and the support of institutions such as the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Moroccan Center for Development of Renewable Energy, for the development of different activities proposed in the project.

The project arises from INTERMACAN current energy issues has Canaries. The current model of energy policy, both from the field and from the regional state, is based on financial instruments that offset the additional costs of isolated systems.

The growing escalation in oil prices threatens the financial viability of the compensation policy and the need to employ brand cheaper technologies in which the raw material is cheaper.

It is in this scenario where generation systems are competitive with renewable resources, should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the technologies used, the energy needs can be met, assess the load limit of the electrical systems and Moroccans Island. Besides taking into consideration that we are evaluating environmental zones in fragile environments. Should also evaluate the performance of electrical systems when incorporated into the distribution network of the energy from renewable sources and submarine interconnection.

The renewable energy resource is a natural resource. The huge flood of new technologies and the growing versatility of the mechanisms that get electricity from renewable sources, necessitates the use of tools to facilitate decision-making and criteria that help improve energy systems efficiency.

Island energy systems are the least efficient of the European Union, any solution that improves their efficiency and allows the incorporation of renewable energy generation will be a relief for state coffers so far outweigh the extra cost of the current model generation on islands.

ULPGC and ITC have proven experience in the field of Renewable Energy Network studies and participated in various projects such as:

· Mauritania Energy Planning

· Solar Map of Canary

Mapa Solar de Canarias

· Wind resource map of Canary

Recurso eólico de Canarias

· Collaboration with the Ministry of Employment, Industry and Commerce implement legislation, Canary Energy Planning.

· Studies Network for insular power system comprises the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

· Studies of the behavior of the network of Central Hidroeólica of El Hierro

Central Hidroeólica de El Hierro

· Studies to determine the maximum potential energy installable wind and photovoltaic (ceiling and floor) on the island of Gran Canaria

· Studies of hydro-energy storage pumping the island of Gran Canaria


· Development of isolated systems with hydrogen energy storage


The project INTERMACAN aims to tackle the current problems of island power systems, with proposed new interconnection systems, to improve the topology and the strength of the Canarian island electrical systems, with the ultimate goal of achieving greater presence of own renewable sources and produced from southern Morocco.

INTERMACAN is consistent with the European energy policies, national and regional, and aims to contribute to the execution of it to achieve the goals of climate change and sustainable energy raised by the EU, CO2 emissions reduction, improved energy efficiency, increased independence in energy supply and increase the development of renewable energies.